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Birmingham Bar Academy, 10th Dec 2007

By ‘The Baron’ at TheHearingAid.blogspot.com The first time I saw Carina Round she was literally working as a waitress in a cocktail bar…well, a Jazz Club (it was Ronnie Scott’s on Broad Steeet, now the ‘Rocket Club’…from jazz club to jizz club eh?) anyway, which is close enough. This was some time ago I’ll grant you, but I can still recall being mightily impressed. The fact that she sang a cover version of The Associates track Party Fears Two (just go listen to and watch the original…it’s an awesome tune) cemented my affection.Then, after seeing her a couple of times, I somehow failed to follow her career as I should’ve done (that’s me…a musical whore all over). I’m delighted to say that the Carina Round of 2007 is even better than the Carina Round of 1997. The same fire is still there but it’s like a fine malt now…smoother, richer and altogether more satisfying. Unfairly, in my eyes at least, compared to PJ Harvey she’s got more of a bluesy, almost gospel tinge to her voice, punctuated with primal screams of passion, rage and pain. Playing on her own (apart from a couple of tracks when she was joined by the lovely Chrissy Van Dyke) she kept the room enraptured for a good hour and a half (a real rarity these days). Downslow…in…par…tic…u…lar…was…just…awe…some…She seemed genuinely moved that we were all there to see her in her home town (yes I know she’s from Wolverhampton but we’re all one big happy family in the Midlands eh?). A real contender for gig of the year, which, as it was my 98th (yikes!), is some accolade.

"Birmingham Bar Academy, 10th Dec 2007" was published on December 17th, 2007 and is listed in Live Reviews.

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