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Hotel Cafe, LA, 16th August 2007

By Alexis Roberts at TheRedAlert.comAfter a long interlude of the DJ playing a million different Metric songs, it was time for Carina Round. This woman is the most remarkable singer that I have heard in ages. After her album The Disconnection that came out a few years ago she had kind of fallen off the face of the earth but came back with an even better follow up called Slow Motion Addict. If you can… imagine a cute little English girl who says “fuck” a lot and is very reminiscent of Karen O, but in a toned down way and girlfriend can sing like a damn siren. Yes, A SIREN!She opened with “Down Slow” and continued to play a few more off of Slow Motion Addict including an excellent live arrangement of “Come to You”. Then she played a few older songs and invited her inebriated friend Olivia Stone (The Oohlas) to sing with her, which would have been okay if Stone had actually known what the hell was going on. She somehow managed to botch the chorus of a song with the lyrics right in front of her face. It’s cool if you want your friends to sing with you – I’m all for collaborative efforts – but next time make sure she hasn’t knocked back 15 beers beforehand.After two slightly torturous songs, Stone finally got the hell out of there and Round finished her set error free. Her stage banter from in between songs was great because any time people start spouting off swear words in accents, particularly if they are female, it is like… the funniest thing ever. We always assume the English to be all proper and what not but as of lately it has come to my attention that there is a very real possibility that we have a stereotype on our hands. The best part of her set, other than the fact that she sang effortlessly and perfectly, was when she yelled at some people to stop talking. She said something along the lines of “I have the microphone so you have to listen to me but I shouldn’t have to hear your fucking conversation while I am playing.” If you don’t fall in love with her music, you will probably fall in love with her personality. Either way, she’s got you.

"Hotel Cafe, LA, 16th August 2007" was published on August 17th, 2007 and is listed in Live Reviews.

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